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Towing in Kannapolis NC


The community of Kannapolis, North Carolina, doesn’t have the sprawling network of highways and interstates that other city’s residents need. Instead, you can take things a little slower with winding roads and a quaint downtown district.

However, in many ways, smaller roadways can make life more difficult when you call a towing Kannapolis NC service provider. The narrower intersections and historic neighborhoods don’t make it simple to get a hauling truck to your location.

However, when you choose the local towing service Kannapolis, NC know and trust, it means breathing easier when you wait for us to arrive. At Kannapolis Towing, we remain the local Kannapolis NC towing experts more area drivers choose the most.

You can still reach out to our team 24-hours of every day, and we offer more service options than anyone else around. Whether you’ve had a substantial mechanical problem or you need a quick and easy fix, you can still count on us.

We provide the tools and know-how that most other tow truck Kannapolis NC companies fail to deliver, and we can save you more on any solution. Contact us and get the team you can depend on now.

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Schedule A Service Now!

Kannapolis Towing Services


You leave to pick the kids up from school, and along the way, you pick up a construction nail in your driver side tire. You figure it’s no big deal, and that you simply need to call a local towing company Kannapolis, NC provider.

They tell you that a technician is on the way and that you just need to hold tight. However, that was over two hours ago, and your kids could have walked home by now.

You assumed that the “tow truck near me” was operating from within the city limits, but once they do show up finally, they tell you that they left out of Cornelius, and now they’re asking you where the nearest repair shop is.

When that sounds all too familiar, we understand how frustrating that is. Instead, we offer local drivers and more convenient services throughout the city, helping more drivers in getting home day or night.

We also offer more service choices for any situation, helping you with minor onsite repairs and roadside assistance solutions at lower pricing. You no longer need to fret about calling us over nothing, and you never need to fear spending more than you should.

Best Towing Solutions

These days, it isn’t enough for a company to remain a one-trick pony. When a service provider only offers one thing, it hardly seems worth it to call them.

When you lock your keys inside of your vehicle, for instance, why should you spend more time and money having it towed? The right professional tools will have a door opened in seconds, all without the extra hassle.

Our team continues providing the best in complete towing and roadside assistance solutions, helping you save on better help daily. Stop spending more on fewer services and hire us today.

24 Hour Towing

When companies stop answering their phones for the day, we never quit working for you.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Flat tires, shredded tires, busted rims and more are no match for our professional drivers.

Winch-Out Services

When your vehicle gets stuck, we can quickly winch it back out in no time.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, you just need some extra elbow grease to get your car roadworthy once more.

Dead Battery Jumps

It takes two to charge a car unless you choose our technicians and expert equipment.

Vehicle Lock Outs

A locksmith will charge a fortune, but we’ll have your doors opened for less daily.
The Best Towing Company in Kannapolis
It’s no secret that the average driver who has had to call for a tow in the past likely did not have a great experience. Tow truck drivers have a tough job, and some days it’s harder to put on a smile than others.

However, we understand that, when you work for others, you must act in their best interests every time that they need your help. That is why, when other service providers would load and tow your car over something minor, we always do what suits your needs the best.

Our expert towing professionals know how to load any vehicle quickly, as well as offer more forms of repairs on the spot. No matter what has disabled your car or halted your drive home, we always have a practical solution for you.

Our staff can help you avoid choosing yet another company that holds a good old boy mentality regarding customer service. We think all drivers on the road deserves affordable access to better assistance options, no matter when they encounter issues.

See why we remain the most reliable choice for more area residents each time someone needs our help, as well as lower pricing.

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For many towing companies, they don’t care whether or not you hire them. They would just as soon work for a local restaurant to have them haul an illegally parked vehicle, or take a car to a local impound lot.

We consider ourselves reliable towing professionals, providing the exact services you need the most at pricing you can afford. When you need to know that you aren’t getting taken advantage of in your desperate situation, you can rely on us for it all.

Whatever has your car stalled or stranded, we have the perfect fix right away.


In 1915/1916, Ernest Holmes, a mechanic from Chattanooga, enlisted six men to use ropes and blocks to tow vehicles. He determined later that they could tow cars easier by using a truck that was flat on the cargo end, hence coming up with the flatbed truck. Then he invented a type of crane that could lift cars that had been in accidents onto his tow trucks. In His hometown, There is a Museum dedicated to the history tow trucks located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum displays restored antique trucks,  wreckers, tools, even other equipment, as well as pictorial histories of the industry Holmes created. They also keep most of us in this line of business updated on current events in the industry, and they help raise money each year to help prevent accidents and loss of on the road.

Many law enforcement officials credit tow truck owners and operators for keeping traffic moving along better. They keep the streets free of cars blocking major traffic areas.

Common names we use are:  tow trucks, boom trucks, wrecker, self-loader, recovery truck, snatcher truck, quick pick truck, slide truck, roll back truck, rotator towing truck, breakdown truck

Flatbed tow trucks are the most commonly used in the United States. It is less likely the customers property will be injured, and flatbeds are more efficient in many situations.

The average operator of US owned towing trucks works at only an estimated 5% profit margin. That means that for every $20 in gross revenue our customers pay, our profit is only $1.00, the other 95% of that revenue is going towards your trucking expenses as a basic estimate. These include things like truck payments, maintenance, fuel, insurance, permits, and hourly pay for some staff.

The military actually deploys tow trucks and wreckers for recovery of stranded vehicles. In the US Army, a type of the HEMTT truck is commonly used for this, called the M984 wrecker. For recovery in combat situations during combat many armies with large vehicle fleets also deploy heavy duty armor wrecker or tow trucks.These vehicles handle a similar role, but are resistant to heavy fire and capable of handling rough terrain with their deep tracks, and can manage towing vehicles beyond the weight limits of wheeled wreckers, such as tanks as most are based on tank designs for this reason specifically.

Some police departments own tow trucks, but in the US it is common to contract police tows to private companies. WE DO NOT IMPOUND OR TOW UNLESS THE OWNER OF THE CAR, TRUCK OR MOTORCYCLE IS PRESENT AND REQUESTS THE TOW. Businesses who operate a large fleet of vehicles, such as school bus companies or package delivery services, often own one or several tow trucks for the purposes of towing their own vehicles, we can back up those companies in their time of need. Government departments with large fleets (such as the police departments, fire departments, transportation authorities and departments of public works of major cities) may similarly own tow truck(s). Police department tow trucks may also be used to impound other vehicles. Heavy tow trucks are often called to clear semi truck accidents and straighten out jackknifed trucks. In rural or unorganized areas, companies which operate tow trucks can sometimes also offer additional services appropriate to highway clearance where government-provided ones are unavailable, such as fire suppression. We assist as needed in these types of situations.

Our Do’s & Don’ts

If your vehicle has been impounded we suggest calling the owner of the property it was towed from to ask where it was towed to. WE DO NOT IMPOUND OR HAVE STORAGE FOR CARS AVAILABLE ON THIS LINE.

  • Our commitment drivers in Kannapolis & in our coverage area.
  • We strive to always operate our towing business in accord with the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Treat each customer who asks for our towing or roadside services and team member in a fair, open, and honest manner, and fully comply with all laws that prohibit discrimination, treat one another in the way we would want to be treated.
  • Meet the tow needs of our customers in a knowledgeable and professional manner and answer all of your questions.
  • Advertise our products in a positive, factual, and informative manner, and uphold our promotional discounts as they apply for tire changes, jump starts, tows or fuel delivery.
  • Detail charges to assist our customers in understanding the work we provide and provide written estimates of any service work the customer may request performed, upon request, or as required by law.
  • If we cannot service your vehicle, we will service you by referring you to someone who can help.
  • Deliver your vehicle to any mechanic you direct us to or whatever location you wish.
  • Resolve customer concerns promptly and courteously.

Contact Kannapolis Towing

No matter where you might go or what time of day it is, you can drive with confidence knowing that there is always someone you can count on for help. No one else in town offers the number of driver services, superior quality of towing, and lowest pricing possible as we do every day.

When you need a reliable choice in towing solutions, it helps to choose a local team that remains experienced in all things related to the job. We guarantee that when you hire Kannapolis Towing, you’ll receive the best care possible for less.

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