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Some people are seemingly born with a wrench in their hands as they can quickly diagnose and repair any car issue. Other Kannapolis, North Carolina, drivers, on the other hand, don’t know what is they are looking at when they pop the hood.

No matter how adept you are at fixing machines and vehicles, everyone encounters a car break down eventually. Unfortunately, it always seems to occur once you are as far away from home as you could possibly be, leaving you feeling hopeless.

Rather than hiring the first nationally franchised towing service that you see, you need to call Kannapolis Towing Services first whenever you need help. Our expert drivers remain on the clock all 24-hours of each day, and we provide a broader range of services than anyone else around.

No one else guarantees the best corrections for any repair need or our most affordable and convenient towing services. When you need to get home faster, you need to hire us before any other service provider.


Towing Services Kannapolis

We believe that no matter where your vehicle got stranded or what time of night it might be, you should still have access to superior towing services. Not only can you get a hold of us all day, every day, but we also provide roadside assistance solutions as well.

We have the ideal correction for any situation, be it shredded tires, dead car batteries, keys locked inside, and more. And because we never stop working for you, we remain at the ready for any service call.

No other towing company in the area does what we do at our lowest pricing. See why more area drivers turn to Kannapolis Towing time and again for superior quality, more service choices, and affordable pricing offered every single day.


At Kannapolis Towing, we thinks it’s important for businesses like ours around the country to help each other out. We’ve partnered with other towing and auto related companies throughout the US. If you’re in their area and need help, check them out, they’ll take good care of ya!

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